Clearasil® Multi Action 5 In 1 Lotion

Targeting Breakout-prone Skin

Pack Contents: 100

Product Description

Clearasil Multi Action 5 In 1 Lotion exfoliates skin by removing dead skin cells to keep pores unblocked which helps to prevent spots. Clearasil Multi Action 5 In 1 Lotion is suitable for usage on face, neck, chest and back.

It is one simple step to fight 5 pimple problems:

1. Reduces excess oil & shine

2. Reduces redness

3. Shrinks spot size

4. Works with the skin to unblock pores

5. Helps prevent the appearance of new breakouts.

Suitable to be used every day. Dermatologically tested

The 5 in 1 Lotion can be used daily once to three times. Suitable for face, chest and back:

• Step 1: Wash carefully the area you wish to apply the lotion.

• Step 2: Apply a thin layer all over and allow the formula to dry. Do not rinse it off.

• Step 3: Wash your hands after use

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